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First Steps After A Construction Accident

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New York has special provisions to address the unique dangers faced by construction workers. Workers at construction sites are routinely subject to dangerous conditions and potentially serious injury. When a worker is injured, he/she is covered by workers’ compensation. But that is often not sufficient to cover the severe injuries that occur at construction sites. Furthermore, construction sites are usually occupied by numerous employers (contractors, subcontractors) at a time. Often, one of these third parties will be the cause of an injury to a non-employee who is working for someone else on the site. Continue reading

RGLZ Law Continues to Deliver for Workers


When Mike Levine of RGLZ Law decided he wanted to give a holiday gift of sweatshirts for construction workers on Long Island this past December, we thought that we were doing something great. When we saw and heard the kind words from the recipients, nothing could have made us happier. And we never anticipated the kind of response that we got.


Suddenly, we were out of the entire initial batch. Hundreds of these sweatshirts found their way to hard working men and women. And then, unexpectedly, we started hearing from people on sites all over the island, asking us if we could come pay them a visit. So we did. We ordered hundreds more, and yet again, they quickly found their way to people who deserved them.


And so now, what originally started as a way to “play Santa” for some local workers, has turned into a day-in day-out program of meeting Long Island’s workers and union members, and asking what we can do to help them. We truly believe that these outreach efforts have a positive effect for everyone involved, and we don’t see ourselves stopping anytime soon.


If you know of, or work on, a site where the workers could use some of our gear, please contact us here and let us know, we’ll be happy to pay a visit. And if you ever need a team you can trust with a construction accident case, look no further than RGLZ. We get the job done.

RGLZ Delivers: Supporting Workers is Not Just a Slogan to Us


RGLZ Personal Injury Law has a long history of winning cases for injured workers. It’s one of our hallmarks. But we also pride ourselves on the connection we have to our clients, and our ability to empathize with the everyday hardships these people confront in a tough line of work. And so this past December, Mike Levine commissioned over 1000 Safety Orange sweatshirts with the express purpose of distributing them to every construction site possible in our area before winter really kicked in, as a holiday gift to local workers.


Back at the office, we took a lot of pride and happiness from the photos that come back to us from these gift runs, and our Facebook page lit up with responses from tradespeople who not only liked the idea, but wanted in! And so without a second thought we immediately made the decision to continue the program. We mailed sweatshirts to happy workers, ordered a whole new batch, and began a whole second round of giveaways.


At RGLZ, we’ve absolutely loved having this chance to engage with the people we work for, and we don’t see ourselves stopping any time soon. As a matter of fact, we followed up this program with a $25,000 donation to the TWU Local 100 in NYC, to sponsor their scholarship program for TWU Local 100 members and their kids.


We’ve been supporting the rights of injured workers since 1968, but we also support the lives of everyday workers. It’s a commitment to our craft, and our clients, that makes RGLZ Personal Injury Law what it is: A Different Kind of Law Firm.

If you know of any sites where the workers could use some of our gear, please contact us here and let us know! And if you ever need a team you can trust with a construction accident case, look no further than RGLZ. We get the job done.

Your Trusted Partner for Construction Cases

Construction accident cases are expensive, and sometimes quite difficult to prosecute. The amount of experts needed, as well as the time necessary to see things through makes for a fairly challenging proposition. RGLZ has the expertise and resources that you can count on to make sure any construction case is handled to the highest degree of sophistication and execution. Click here for more info.

Workers Compensation Isn’t Your Only Option

Construction is dangerous work. As a matter of fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s some of the most dangerous work there is; ranking well within the top 10 most dangerous professions in America. Workers clock in every morning with a firm knowledge of this truth. Thankfully New York’s labor laws are generally very friendly to workers. Workers Compensation can provide very important benefits, but did you know that it doesn’t cover pain and suffering? It also many not cover many expenses that arise from, and continue on after an accident. It is in no way all-encompassing.

In New York, it’s possible to bring suit against site managers, tool manufacturers, developers, and site owners in the event that any one of them causes an accident through negligence. Workers Compensation isn’t your only option. The right attorney can hold these parties responsible, and win recoveries to compensate for every expense, as well as lost wages, future lost wages, and pain and suffering. Every worker owes it to themselves to explore their options in the event of an accident, and we exist to help them do that. If the need ever arises, call us at RGLZ for a free consultation.  Click here for more info.

Working with Unions Workers on Personal Injury Cases

Written by Michael Levine

In my decades of practice, I’ve worked on countless cases involving union members and their families. Whether it’s construction, ironwork, rail work, or any number of other types of infrastructure work, they all share the commonality of having some element of danger to them. The people doing the work put themselves at risk for the sake of doing important jobs that the average person simply isn’t equipped to do.

In these situations the worker has to put their trust in many things outside their control, whether it’s the people organizing and overseeing the job site, the tools they’re using, or the safety equipment that keeps them out of harm’s way. Under the right circumstances, all of these things come together for a job well done. Under the wrong circumstances, accidents happen, and suddenly the worker in question, or their family, is forced to find a way to deal with that accident.

In my line of work, we’re in the business of helping these people find their way back to a better place. That’s the goal. At the end of the day, all the legal jargon and proceedings, expert witnesses, trial work, and assorted other “lawyer stuff” is just what we have to do to achieve this. It’s our job to take this complicated system and use every last ounce of our familiarity with it to get the job done, and get it done as quickly and effectively as possible. When you think about it, that’s not too different from the workers that we represent, and so we find it important to be on the same page as unions and their workers whenever we can, and be involved in their world.

Asking someone to put their trust in you, and put their future life-security in your hands, is not only a very serious thing to do, but a serious burden to take on as well. It means a lot to me, personally, and that’s never going to change.